Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Marriage is one of the greatest gift God gave to mankind, but very few learn an art of mastering it and staying in it till death separates them.

We are living in the days where we have very few successful, godly, and happy marriages. On the other hand the breakup and divorce rates are increasing rapidly all over the world.

Today I would like to remind few things which will help you to be a successful husband/wife in your marriage;

  1. Priorities your marriage:

Generally people always make time for the things they love, and for the things that seems to be important, I want to tell you make marriage your #1 priority in life. (God should be your by default everything)

When you consider marriage as the most important thing in life, you will definitely give time to be a better person by reading books about marriage, listening to lectures, and practice them to see the light of God shine in your marriage.

I want to ask you, what is the point of you being successful in your profession and don’t have your spouse to celebrate it with you? All your efforts, achievements, and money/wealth means nothing when you go to bed alone.

It’s not late for you to consider your marriage as your priority and begin to work on it.

2. Win your spouse’ heart:

If you ask me what marriage is, I would say SACRIFICE.

Winning a heart of your spouse is the second key to the beautiful marriage.

You need to see your spouse as a part of your life (you both are one person), when you are sacrificing something in your marriage, you are not losing anything but investing to live a happy, peaceful, and blessed life.

I understand that there will be some disagreements in your marriage, because you both come from a different backgrounds; in order for you to be successful in marriage, know what is expected of you and do it.

Sadly people who have lived together for years in marriage are still finding it difficult to understand their spouse. It could be because you might be related to the person but not fully into a relationship.

When your spouse is saying something, listen carefully because he/she is sharing his/her heart to you, if you are listening only to answer back, then you will not grow. In marriage sometimes losing a conversation/argument can lead to a winning of heart.

3. Be loyal:

This is the third and another important key in marriage.

Finding a hardworking, talented, rich, wise person is comparatively easy, but finding a loyal person is like finding a treasure.

The synonyms for the word loyal is faithful, trustworthy, honest, truthful, and upright.

When you spouse sees you as a loyal person, you will be respected, and cherished. People often fight for respect in marriage; respect is earned in marriage by the way you live.

If you spouse shares something to you as an expectation, or as a part of transparency, or as a confession, never break that trust.

4. Celebrate your spouse:

No matter how your spouse is, you do not have an option but to love, protect, provide, encourage, and celebrate. Never make your spouse feel that you don’t love and care enough.

Make your spouse feel comfortable when you both are together, your spouse should fall in love with you every day, all day.

Even if your work physically separates you for few hours, make your spouse fall in so much love that he/she should wait to see you, serve you, work with you, and pray with you.

You need to ask God for His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, fear of God, and help to grow in your marriage for you to be a better person, then you can lead your spouse to where God has lead you.

As you are reading this post, I pray may the Spirit of God help you to prioritize your marriage, and to win the heart of your spouse, and to be loyal, and also to celebrate your spouse all the days of your life in Jesus name. Amen

IF you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or write to us at heraldsforjesus@gmail.com.

May God bless you and your marriage,

Pastor Jeevan & Pastor Leena.

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