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Hello dear friend,
I am Pastor Jeevan Kumar, pastoring a church in Bangalore, we call our church as Eden Tabernacle.

How did SOD (School Of Disciples) Begin?
In the year 2008, as soon as I came out of the Bible College, I felt the Lord has strongly laid on my heart a desire to teach what I have been taught in the college, one of the thing that caught my attention in the college was Discipleship.

In 2008, I met few pastor in the city where I was staying and shared my vision with them, by God’s grace they encouraged their church members to join the training program I wanted to do, it was a month course.
Course was over, I felt like we should do a convocation service to lay our hands and bless the student to be a blessing. We had a good 7 days’ time for the convocation.

I had a question in my heart while conducting the course and after the course, why did God allow me to do this training program? I fasted and prayed asking God to give me the reason.

An hour before the convocation service, I heard the audible voice of the Lord saying, ‘You are doing SOD to prepare the way for my return’. I was so excited and done the first convocation for the SOD.
By God’s grace we have completed 9 batches of SOD, in different places.

What do we teach?

  • Basic things a born again believer should know. (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Trinity, Grace, Faith, Prayer, Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
  • Discipleship. (What is a Disciple? What are the areas a disciples should grow in? Cost of a disciples? Call of a disciple?)
  • Evangelism. (How to share your personal testimony, and how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ)
  • Leadership. (Life style of a leader, how to influence the world around you? How to rise another leaders.
  • Bible Study method (Inductive Bible Study). (how to do good Exegesis and Hermeneutics)

How does SOD function:

We connect with the local pastors where we are hosing SOD, talk to them and share our vision with them, and when they trust us with their sheep, we train them (disciple them) and send them back to their churches so that they can be a blessing in the church the Lord has placed them.

The vision of SOD

Our vision is clear that whatever God has given us to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, we want to invest and impart in the lives of the precious hungry people who come for the training program.

We want to see people transformed from being a believer (cold and lukewarm) to the disciples (firebrands) who will go and make others disciples, building the Kingdom of God and expanding it, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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