Pastor Jeevan Kumar

Ps. Jeevan was born and brought up in a Christian family, his parents were very prayerful and god fearing people.

The reason he was named as Jeevan because he was born in the midst of life and death, there was no hopes whatsoever that he would live, he was wrapped in  prayers by his parents day and night. God answered their prayers and blessed them with a son. He was a supernatural baby a gift from God to them.

His parents brought him up with much love and care. As days passed by this boy grew stronger and healthier, at a very young age he was addicted to the things of the world like smoking, drinks, drugs and associated with the people who did illegal business, money was all that mattered to him for which he would do any thing to the extent of killing someone or even killed.

In the process of time, he went through the hardest phase of this life. He went through lot of rejections, loneliness, unloved, badly addicted to the things of the world, he tried to find peace and joy in what he was doing but instead of getting better he got worse.

He tried his best to break out of the addictions many times but was never successful, he knew the path he was in was the path to eternal destruction but he was helpless. Though he went to church occasionally but that couldn’t change him.

One day he was invited to Mumbai for a gospel meeting, he went there because his parents forced him so bad that he couldn’t say no to them. He was sitting in the midst of celebrities and very rich people, he began to wonder why in the world these people need God.

The meeting began, the worship team were singing praises to God, followed the praises and worship was a word of God, the preached began to speak about the love of God from John 3:16, as he gave his ears to the word, he felt embraced and loved by Jesus, for the first time in his life he left accepted.

He gave his life to Jesus and invited Jesus to be His Lord and Saviour of his life! As soon as Jesus came into His heart, instantly Jesus set him free from all the addictions that had bound him for years. That very night he understood the call of God on His life to serve and be the witness of the love and power of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

God has given him a burden to win the lost souls for the kingdom of God, and God gave him a vision to make disciples of all nations and to plant churches.

In 2011, God brought Leena in Leena, a Nepali Brahmani girl born and brought up in Pune in his life. Together they serve God full time. Leena has been a great blessing to him in family and ministry, the best partner he could ever find. By God’s grace they have conducted 7 batches of School of Disciples and pastored churches in Pune, Andhra Pradesh and now at present they are pastoring a new church in Bangalore.

If you are in Bangalore, please take time to visit their church, or if you know anyone who is not committed to any church, you can direct them to “Eden Tabernacle” which is headed by Ps. Jeevan and Leena.

Please keep them in your prayers.

God Bless you.


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