Elections! Elections!! The major buzz we see going around the moment we switch on the TV. Politicians are all over going on rallies asking for vote.

The other day someone asked, “Jeevan, whom do you support?” Then I asked him, “to whom should I support and why?” He told me some good points about the party that he would vote. He again asked me, “Who should come to power?” I said, “I’ve less knowledge about politics but whomever God places in power I will be in submissive to them because it is God who brings them to that position.”


How is Jesus different from these Political leaders?

1.      Jesus is a promise keeping God:

Our leaders make so many promises before coming to power but after coming to power they forget what they have promised to the people and to the society. If someone keeps on pressing them about the promises they made then they will do and when they do they cheat the government with funds.

Jesus Christ is unlike these political leaders. When He makes a promise He never forgets. He will bless you with what He has promised you.

John: 14:6. He said ‘I am the Truth’! In Him there is no lie at all.

2.      Jesus is always with you:

Our leaders come to us when they are in need of us, especially when they need our votes. Once they get what they want they will never come again until next elections. If at all  you go to them for some help they might find different excuses to get rid of you by saying that they are busy in or something.

Jesus is not like that. He loves to meet you; in fact He wants to be with us.

Heb 13:5: He said ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’!

Matt 28:20: ‘I will be with you always’

3.      Jesus is eternal:

Our leaders rule for 5 years provided there is no problem with him/her. If he/she is dead, their story is over and they will be replaced with another leader.

Jesus is not like these leaders, there is no one who is compared to Him.

Rev 11:15: ‘He will reign forever and ever’.

Lk 1:33: ‘His kingdom will never end’

4.      Jesus doesn’t beg for vote:

We see our leaders going on rallies from village to village, town to town just for one reason screaming ‘please give us your vote’. Many politicians buy the votes from people by bribing them through money or by gifts.

Jesus is the eternal king and ruler therefore He demands such from us. Some people bow because of the grace God has given.

 Rom 14:11: ‘Every knee will bow before Him’

Phil 2:10: ‘at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth’.

Note: Jesus is the eternal ruler and the only King. Give whole of your heart to Him and say Yes to Jesus! Let’s place our lives in His hands so that He might reign over us, satisfy us and lead us to the place where He wants us to be.
God bless you,

Jeevan n Leena


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