Hi dear friends,

Greeting to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As Christians it is our responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of us think sharing Jesus Christ is the work of the evangelist but the bible commands all believers to be the witness of Jesus Christ. You don’t need to be an Evangelist to be the preacher of Jesus Christ as Christians it is our responsibility to be His witnesses.

3 steps to share your testimony.

  1. Your life before receiving Jesus:

It is believed that we all who has received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior have a story to tell about our life. Important things you can mention:

  • Start with your name. (If you have a reason and meaning for it you can share)
  • Tell about your family. (what your parents are and how many brothers and sister you have)
  • Your childhood. (How you were in your school and at home)
  • Your adult age. (college/job and Things you did that grieved God)
  • Rebellion to God and to your parents.
  • Consequences of your rebellion
  • What was your situation before you encounter Jesus?

2.       How did you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?


  • Who told you about Jesus?
  • How did you feel, when you heard about Jesus?
  • Did God speak to you through the scriptures? Which verse?
  • How did you respond to the gospel?
  • What happened to you after receiving Jesus in your life?

3.       Your life after receiving Jesus?

  • What happen to your old habits?
  • What happened within you?
  • What are the new things you started desiring?
  • How your family began to treat you?

Note: While sharing your testimony, see that the listeners see Jesus! What He has done?

I just gave you an outline of how to sharing your testimony.

If you have any doubt or you need more explanation on each point, please feel free to mail me at heraldsforjesus@gmail.com I will do my very best to help you to be an effective witness of Jesus Christ.

There are so many people in the world that is going through what you went through, they end up in hopelessness, addictions, violence, tears, suicides….? People are in need of deliverance, healing, peace, and blessing but only Jesus can bring them out of their situation tell them how He brought you out of them all. Please do not stop telling about Jesus!! You can make a big difference in the world!

Run for Jesus,


Jeevan n Leena


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