How does God speak?

As we have said in the last post that the God whom we serve is alive and He speaks.

Now, today we will know what are the ways He uses to speak to us His children.


1.       God speaks to our spirit:

The Bible says we are created in the image and likeness of God. Gen 1:26.

What is His image? He is the Spirit being! Since God is a spirit, He speaks to our spirit because our body might not understand His voice, He speaks deep within us.

This experience you can have anytime or every time you wanted.

Some time you don’t understand and sometimes you don’t hear anything because your spirit is inactive, you need the Holy Spirit to make you understand the things of God. Ask God to fill you with His spirit and ask the Holy Spirit to talk to you every day and every moment of your life.

2.       God speaks through His word:

 Every time you give time to read the word of God, His word will surely speak, encourage and comfort you no matter what your situation is. The Bible says His word is living and active. Heb 4:12.

Whenever you are in a church or anywhere listening to the word of God preached by a man/woman of God, you would feel at least one word touched your heart or spoken to you because His word indeed speaks. Give time to read and accept God to speak to you and ask God to open your eyes and ears so that you could see and listen to His word.

3.       God speaks through a man/woman:

 Whenever you are in need of something may be it correction or edification God always had His people who are His mouthpiece. God done it in the old and in the New Testament with His people.

Whenever His people were going wrong, God sends a man to speak to them about who they are and what God wants from them.

As God sends His servant to speak to you, let your hearts be open to receive correction and encouragement.

4.       God speaks through dreams and visions:  

 The Bible says, the old shall dream dreams and the young shall see visions. Joel 2:28

God revealing through dreams and visions is prophetic and profound.

God spoke to Joseph in a dream and reveled Him, how God would bless Him. God revealed Himself to Jacob in a dream while he was running from his father’s house to his uncle Laban. In the New Testament He spoke to Joseph, He spoke to Peter. God has very often spoken to people in the Old Testament and in the New Testament be it kings, prophets, His chosen people, apostles.

5.       God speaks audibly:

The Bible says, God spoke to Paul while he was on His way to Damascus. He said, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me? Acts 9:3-6. Paul heard God’s voice audibly.  

So many men and women of God heard His voice audibly. If God can speak to them, then He will speak to you too.

Dear reader I encourage you to hear and understand the smallest whispers of God into your spirit today; while you read His precious word, let your ears and eyes to be opened to see things God wants to show and hear things He wants to reveal; when God sends His servant across, examine and receive correction and encouragement in pursuing Jesus; and as God speaks through visions and dreams do not take it lightly, it is for the purpose of what’s happening in the spiritual realm; God speaks to you audibly it is such an wonderful experience.

Thanks for the calls to the last post, if you don’t want to comment you can call us and tell us how this post blessed you.

God Bless you,

In His service,

Jeevan n Leena.

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