Today I am so glad that I would like to share my heart with you.

God has called us with different calling and different gifting but one of the greatest privilege and responsibility is that we should be His witnesses, tell the people around us about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

As a child of God we want to witness Jesus but something stops us from doing so, listed below are few things that will stop us from witnessing Jesus.

As you read I pray that God will enable to overcome your weakness and empower you to be an effective witness for the glory of God.

Things that stops you from witnessing Jesus :

1.Unwillingness: One of the main reason why we fail to witness Jesus to other is just because we don’t want to. If you are not willing to witness Jesus no one will help you. God helps us to witness only if we are willing to.

Willingness is the first step to witness Jesus. Witnessing Jesus is not an option for you as a believer but a command to be obeyed. Mark 16:15

2. Fear of the people: People fail to evangelize because of fear. We are living in the world where not everyone will welcome the gospel, we hear a lot about Christian persecution. We don’t want to be one among them so we stay away from witnessing Jesus to the people.

We are saved because someone dared to risk their lives to bring the gospel to us. Jesus gave His life to save us, the apostles gave their lives to spread the gospel of Jesus to the whole world.

Do not fear for a man who can only hurt your body, but fear God who has authority over your body and soul.

As a child of God you are responsible for the preaching the gospel to the people around you, if you don’t witness, don’t expect Dr. Billy Graham, Ps. Benny Hinn or Evn. Reinhard Bonkee or some other men or woman of God to come and give gospel to them.

3. Men’s approval: One of the greatest challenges in witnessing Jesus is fear of losing that person’s approval. Especially if you are working in co-operate you don’t dare to witness Jesus to your managers.

Some good people anyway want to witness so they bring Jesus in the way that person doesn’t feel the need of accepting Jesus as His Lord and Savior coz we dilute the gospel and we present it very diplomatic way.

If Jesus was diplomatic, the Jews would never trap Him, If apostles were diplomatic they were never be martyred, thousands upon thousands of men and women of God were killed because they choose God’s approval far greater than men’s. Whose approval you need?

4. Shy / ashamed: we are not ashamed to tell the world whose child you are but we are ashamed to tell people who is our God. We can’t give up on our father but we easily give up on Jesus!

Paul had every reason to be ashamed of proclaiming Jesus to the gentiles, he said I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for everyone who believes, first for the Jews and then for the gentiles. Rom1:16

Jesus said, whoever is ashamed of me and my words, I will be ashamed of you in the presence of my Father in Heaven. Luke 9:26, Mark 8:38 

5. Don’t know how to witness: There are people who want to witness but they don’t know where to start, some start but they don’t know how to finish the gospel.

The reason you don’t know to present the gospel because you haven’t experienced it yet, if you had an experience that would be shut in your bones and in your breath.God has revealed Him in the scriptures, if you read your Bible you will know Him.

How embarrassing it is that you don’t know about the God in whom you believe, whom you worship and whom you serve!

You should witness Jesus not under compulsion but out of love for God and His people.

Before I conclude I want you to make a decision, that you will be His witness no matter what!

The life that you will live from now on, that you would live to tell the world about Jesus not only by your words but I would encourage you to live the gospel. When the people see you they should see the gospel of Jesus in you.

Mark 16:15: Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

It’s not an option but a command need to be obeyed!

God Bless you,

Jeevan and Leena

Listed above are 5 hindrances to witness Jesus. If you think there are few more to it, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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