Hi Dear Friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

We have been hearing from our very young age that man’s greatest need is food, clothing and shelter.

I think food, clothing and shelter are the most important things in our day to day life, but I also think those basic need will not satisfy someone, else a person with these must be satisfied and happy.

The world we are living in today has become very selfish, self-centered and self-seeking. We have stopped thinking about others and their needs be it in a family, friends, office or any other relationships.


Man’s greatest need is to be loved!

People are seeking for true godly love but guess what not many have this love. Only God has this kind of love which is unconditional.

The people who believe in God has experienced this love, after being experienced it’s our responsibility to share that love with the people around us; starting with our family, friends and colleagues.

The Bible says, God is love 1 John 4:16. The people who say, that they know God’s love and yet don’t walk in this love of God for people around have never tasted God’s love at first place.

One of the greatest command Jesus gave us is, Love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27, Mark 12:33, Matthew 5:43. The love you have for God is directly proportional to the love for people.

For us who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, Love is the command which need to be obeyed in whatever we do.

Things that you will do if you love someone;

  1. You will care:

Caring for someone is an act of love birthed within us because of the overflow of the love of God working within us.

The Bible says, God cares for us 1 Pet 5:7. If you know that God cares for you, then it’s your responsibility to care for your fellow brother/sister.

When you care for someone, you will see if they are well fed, they are living in good peace, they have enough money for their living, and they grow closer to God.

  1. You will give:

When you care for someone genuinely you will give them what you have or what they want.

The Bible says, God loves us so that He didn’t spare His one and only Son but GAVE Him for us ….. John 3:16. Giving is the result of God’s love working in you. It’s God’s nature.

You will give someone without expecting them to give it back to you, you would give according to your ability and at time even beyond your abilities.

If a person without Jesus gives you something, he expects you to give him back; but a child of God go out of his way to give even he know that they wouldn’t repay.

  1. You will introduce Jesus:

 It’s so sad, that people care for them and show love to people by giving something sometime, but the greater gift you can ever give to the person whom you love is the Jesus – The true lover.

I know people invite friends and relatives home on Christmas or Easter for a meal which is good, but what any person needs more than a meal is Jesus – The bread of life.

People are in need of Jesus the only Savior of mankind and we have Him, what good is it if you don’t give to the person whom you say, you love.

  1. You will pray:

 If you love someone you will pray for them.

Praying is you standing before God for someone whom you love and intercede day and night for his well being.

Prayer comes from the brokenness and the heaviness of heart, that you begin to feel someone’s pain as your and cry to God day and night.

True love never gives up!

You will go out of your way and do all the 4 above mentioned things even if he don’t care for you and hurt you, bad mouth you, and reject/insult you.

You would do all this because of the love you have within your heart.

As you are reading this I pray that God will ignite your heart with the holy fire to love someone crazily, because of that love you bless them like God loved us.

We are called to live like Jesus not just in the realm of Church or Christian meeting but wherever God has placed you and whomever God positioned in your life.

May the love of God consume your heart and mind so that you will love others like Jesus.

I have mentioned 4 things, if you want to add, please take time to comment 5th point.

God bless you,

In His Service,

Jeevan & Leena.


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