Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Writing to you what God laid on my heart gives me great pleasure.

We live in the very fast moving world, everything we need is just around the corner, and we are used to this kind of lifestyle. But my dear friend, I want you to know that life is not like fast food.


Someone said, life is a journey.

Imagine you are in a train from Delhi to Bangalore, there are all kinds of passengers in the train, no matter how influential you are, no matter how rich you are, no matter how strong you are, no matter how educated and wealthy you are; you will reach your destination not based on your timings but on the timing of the train scheduled by the government.

You are in the government of God, God will not move the way you want, He has His own principles, standards and His own timing too, He will work according to His.

God is a good God, He desires the best for you. He is willing to do greater than you can ever desire, He know when to bless you and He also know your capacity to handle that blessing.

If He thinks you can’t, He won’t. He will give you something only when He knows that you can handle it and will cherish and will celebrate it. Till then, He will mold you and make you and also prepare you for that blessed thing. He is the most generous person you will know in your lifetime.

Today I want you to understand that you are in a process, a person who gives up in the process will never receive the promise.

Here are few things that I want to share with you while you are in process;

  1. Know your God:

So many people give up in the process because they don’t see any hope. You hear people commit suicide because they don’t have a hope for tomorrow.

But we who know God, the creator, shouldn’t give up even when everything around us echoing to give up because our hope is in Jesus and He is a good, loving, caring God.

  1. Trust Him:

When you know who your God is, the next thing you have to do is put all your trust in Him.

Why? Because you don’t know your tomorrow but He knows it and He also know all the tomorrows of your life. Before you reach your tomorrow, God is already there waiting to welcome you with His mercies, grace and love.

  1. Look to Him always:

Good you know God and good that you are willing to put your trust in Him, but when challenges, trails and tests comes we tend to shift our attention from God to the things we are going through.

I know it is hard but dear friend, we don’t have an option, if you choose to walk away from Him thinking that everything will be ok, where in fact it will become worse.

The best thing you can do is hold on to Him!

  1. Endure it:

When you know that there’s best ahead waiting, you don’t give up on God, but you hold on to Him tighter even when your strength is failing.

Imagine a woman in a labor room, she had gone through a process of carrying her baby for nine months, with so many sacrifices, her health has gone for a toss and now finally she is in a labor room.

Some woman has gone through pain in giving birth to her child, have you ever seen or heard a woman say, it’s more painful than I have imagined, now I don’t want to have this baby please do something…..?

NO NEVER, She will endure that pain because in no time she will get to see the baby she’s been carrying all the while. When she delivers the baby, when she sees the face of the one she carried, she is so joyful, and her joy overtake and over powers the pain she been through few minutes ago.

Dear friend, you might have gone through lot of challenges, trails, tests and even tears. I don’t have an answer for all that you went through, but I am sure that it was for a purpose. To make you and mold you to be the person you are becoming.

Since you have endured all of this process all these years, DON’T GIVE UP NOW! You don’t know how close you are to the things that you carried in God. When you see Jesus manifest in your body, soul and spirit fully, you will be overtaken by the joy that’s unspeakable and uncontainable.

I pray that God will strengthen you and help you to push through before you see your miracles.

God Bless You,

Jeevan & Leena.




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