Hello dear friend,

It’s a joy and privilege to share with you few things on DOUBT.


I want you to know that ‘doubt kills more dreams than failure will ever’ – unknown.

Doubt is like a poison, if there is doubt in any relationship, that relationship will be ruined.

A Child of God is called and determined to walk in the fullness of God’s power, but when a child of God doubts God’s power, he gives power to his doubt.

Today I want to introduce 5 people who doubted and later became the destiny carriers.

If you have doubts in life concerning God and His plans for your life, I want you to know that God can help you overcome it and then you will be a destiny carrier not doubt. Amen!

  1. Abraham:

Gen 17:17 says, Abraham laughed to himself in disbelief, ‘how could I be the father at the age of 100’, he thought.

Rom: 4:20-21: Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise, in fact He grew stronger and gave glory to God. He was fully convinced that God was able to do what He had promised.

Later, we all know about Abraham, father of the nation of Israel. Isa 51:2, the father of people of faith. Rom 4.11. The Jews took great pride in him and called themselves as the children of Abraham.

  1. Sarah:

Gen 18:12 says, Sarah laughed silently to herself and said, ‘how could a worn out woman like me enjoy such pleasure, especially when my master – my husband – is also so old.

Gen 21:1-2: The Lord kept His word and did for Sarah exactly what He had promised.

Heb 11:11: It was by faith that Sarah had a child, though she was barren and too old, she believed that God would keep His promise.

  1. Moses:

Exo 3:10-15 and Ex 4:1, we see Moses protesting the call of God on his life.

Later in Ex 12 onward we see that God using Moses powerful to bring the Israelite people from the land of Egypt.

  1. Gideon:

Jud 6:14-15, The Lord told Gideon to go and rescue Israel from the hand of Midianites, he replied, ‘How can I rescue Israel? My clan is weak, I’m least in my entire family’.

Later we see that God using Gideon to defeat the Midianites.

  1. Thomas:

John 20:24-25: One of the twelve disciples Thomas, was not with others when Jesus came, they told him ‘we have seen the Lord’, but he replied ‘I won’t believe it unless I see the nail wounds in His side’.

You know the same disciple who doubted the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, came to India and became a martyr witnessing the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the very thing he doubted.

There are so many other examples in the Bible who doubted and disbelieved, later became a history makers. I have only pointed out 5 of them!

Many of the people used to accomplish great things started out as real doubters. With all of them, God showed real patience.

Honest doubt is not a bad starting point as long as you don’t stay there.

You are not called to doubt, but to be a destiny carrier!!

God bless you,

In His service,

Jeevan & Leena


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