Dear friends,
Greetings to you in Jesus name.
I want to thank you for subscribing and reading my blogs.
I take it as a privilege to reach you through this channel. I hope and pray that these words inspire you to love God and live a life that God has called you to live in Jesus Christ.
This is my last blog of the year. And hence want to begin with joining hands along with you and thanking  God for His goodness and His faithfulness over our lives throughout this year.
Though there were times we have given up on Him, disappointed Him with our words, thoughts and deeds; He still continued to love us, protect us, provide us, bless us and lead us to the end of this year.
I would also like to encourage you to seek Him before you enter into a new year with Him.
Ask God to speak to you, give you a word for 2018 and rededicate your life to Him completely. Ask His Lordship over your life, family, work, church, relationships and over every single area of your life.
I believe 2018 will be the best year of your life so far.
God gave me a word early this week while I was in His Presence, He said 2018 is a year of RESURRECTION.
Every dead dreams, every dead situations, every dead areas will come back to life in Jesus name.
All your Lazarus’ who are in the tomb will be shifted to the womb, now in Jesus name.
You will raise above your situation, you will experience the greater manifestation of His goodness, love and power like never before in Jesus name.
I also declare over you right now that the enemies you are facing all these years, you will never face them again in Jesus name.
God is leading you in a land flowing with milk and honey reflecting heaven on earth, now in Jesus name.
Expect God to surprise you all the days of 2018.
Not just physical and material but I pray that you will also overcome all the spiritual weakness, the areas you fell will be your tomorrow’s Ebenezer’s in Jesus name.
Let the giant of God in you arise!
I’m excited for what God is about to do in 2018. Can we trust Him and thank God in advance for what He is about to do in your life?
Wishing you a BLESSED NEW YEAR 2018 !!
May God bless you abundantly.
with much love and prayers,
Jeevan & Leena
+91 9620388227
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