Hello Dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Hope the start of 2015 been amazing!

2014 was a year that God brought us to Bangalore. To be honest it wasn’t an easy year. God has molded me in the areas I need to be molded, broken in the areas I need to be broken. But when I look back at 2014, all I can see is “I was broken and Blessed”.

Rom 8:28: All things works for the good of those who love God and who have been called according to His purpose.

You might have challenges in this Christian life, but this verse is so clear that no matter what things you go through but God will work it for your good and His glory.

Today I would like to share 5 things brokenness does!

1.       Brokenness refines you:

There is a big difference between FINE and REFINE. God loves us so much that He wants us to be fine, finer and finest. Every time you are in a test, you might go through some brokenness. “More brokenness, more refining”.

As when Gold is put to fire, only then it is separated from its impurities! So every time you are broken you are purified, impurities are separated from you. Every time God thinks we have more impurities, He takes us to this process of brokenness to refine us.

Sometimes we are attached to people and things so badly that God had to break it to bring you to Himself. He is jealous God! You and everything you have belongs to Him! He owns you!

2.       Brokenness pushes you to God:

When you are broken, the wisest thing you can ever do is run into the presence of God. If you go anywhere than to God, but the time you reach God you will be more broken.

Every time God breaks you of something or someone, He is clear to attach you to something very good-Himself.

When God breaks you, He stays closer to you than ever before. Your heartbeat becomes louder in His heart, your small whispers will echo in His ears, your tears will be so precious to Him that He preserves every drop of it!

God is so madly in love with you that He can break you to draw you to Himself! He is very possessive about you! You belong to Him and Him alone!

3.       Brokenness will force you to trust God:

When God breaks you, you have nothing and no one to lean on but on God. Brokenness will teach you to trust God. When all the doors are shut on your face there is only one door open, the door is Jesus Christ.

You had to go through brokenness because you trusted wrong things, now He breaks you so that you will make God your strength and lean on Him completely.

When you are broken, you realize that there is no one who can understand you or your situation but God and you have no other option than to trust Him.

4.       Brokenness will display Jesus in you:

You might look very good on the outside, you can put up a show of fake love towards God and His people but only when you are broken what you have on the inside is displayed outside.

Every time you are broken, check your words, check your thoughts and check your actions because that displays who you really are. If you have Jesus on the inside no matter what you go through you will talk, think and act like Jesus.

5.       Brokenness will change you:

The only purpose God allows you to go through brokenness is to change!

It will uproot everything that not from God and plant things that God want you to have.

It will take the things that are important to you than God and make God important to you than any other thing.

If brokenness is making you more like Jesus Christ, why complaining on God? Why questioning God? Why doubting God?

As you are reading this post can you pray? Father, Please break in the areas I need to be broken. Anything that’s not pleasing to you, anything that’s not bringing glory and honor to you in my life, Please break it. Give me grace in the process of brokenness to fix my eyes on you in Jesus name. Amen

Note: It’s better to be broken and be with Jesus than not be broken and live far from Jesus.

God Bless you,

In His service,

Jeevan n Leena

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