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Today I would like to share on what the anointing does.

The word anoint comes from a Greek word ‘chrio’ which means to smear or rub with oil, to set apart someone for the work that God has called.

The Bible says, that David was anointed to be the king of Israel when He was in his teens, and David was a son of Jesse from the town of Bethlehem. 1 Sam 16:12-13

As soon as David was anointed to be the king of Israel, he didn’t go and sit on the throne, he went back to the work that his father Jesse had given him to take care of the sheep.

When God anoints you for something, He will make a way for you to reach the place and finish the work that God has given you.

David would never reach the palace on his own. He had no access to the palace nor his father Jesse had.


When God gives you a dream, He will fulfill it with or without your help; when God calls, anoints and sets you apart for some work, He will make sure that you finish it. Amen.

How did God take David to palace?

  1. Saul was tormented by the evil spirit:

When God wants to bless you, He makes someone restless. Here Saul is disturbed because evil spirit would torment him.

Saul’s disturbance cause way for David’s destiny!


  1. Saul’s servant tells Saul about David:

When the Saul’s servant saw that he was tormented, he gave his king a suggestion about David and his talent.

You no need to try to become known to the world the God who has chosen you will make your name famous. David became so famous that people in the palace knew about David’s skills in wilderness.

Your anointing will lead you to your destiny.


  1. Saul sends a message to Jesse for his boy:

What an honor that Saul, the king of Israel asks David to come to palace to meet him.

I wonder as a boy David wanted to see the king and king’s palace at least to know what it looks like but he couldn’t.

When God wants to bless you, He will cause favor in the eyes of kings. It’s no longer you want to see the king but he wants to see you.

Saul thought he was inviting a boy to play where in reality God was making David familiar with the kingdom which he will rule someday.


  1. David plays the harp:

We all know that David was a worshipper of God, all he knew well was to take good care of his father’s sheep in the wilderness. While he was in wilderness probably he developed the habit to play a harp to worship God. Whatever you do for God is counted, what he did in wilderness echoed in palace. Hallelujah!

He was not just a harper but now he was an anointed harper.


  1. Saul likes David:

When David played a harp for Saul, Saul would feel good. Saul thought David was playing a harp in reality he was worshipping God in the palace. When you do even a small thing under the anointing, it will bring revival in the atmosphere. The Bible says Saul like David and made him to be with him.

The anointing of God on David’s life didn’t make him a visitor to the palace but the residence of the palace.


  1. Saul makes Him an armor bearer:

Now David was not just playing harp for Saul but he became his armor bearer. Saul thought David was only carrying his armor in reality God was teaching to carry the nation. David wasn’t just helping Saul, but he was helping himself to the call that God had called him.

Remember God who called and anointed you is faithful! He is not a man that He should lie, if God anointed you for something be sure that He will fulfill the work for which He anointed you.

You no need to strive, just be faithful to God where you are and God will cause people and situation to push you to your God given destiny.


God bless you,

Jeevan & Leena


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