Hello dear friend,

Greeting to you in Jesus name.

We all know that our life here on earth is temporary, we are called and created to be eternal beings just as God is, we are created in His attribute!

Today I’m not sharing to you on where our eternity would be or how it would be, but I would be sharing few things on how to finish this life well, since we know it’s temporary.

Before we learn about how to finish well, it’s important that we should know that God created us with a purpose and sent us to earth at this very time because God knows we are perfect for this generation.

I also want you to know that you are master piece of God’s creation and trust me, God doesn’t make junk! You are precious to Him and you are unique. God doesn’t have a Photoshop machine in heaven to make all of us identical!

Well, here are few things that will help you to live a purposeful life and finish well;

  1. Chosen by God:

It’s such joy to know that the God of the heavens and the earth has chosen us.

Imagine, if you want to buy something and have lot of money to afford anything, what kind of things you will choose? Of course the BEST!

Now, God has chosen us. God will not choose us for nothing, He loves us so much that He made us according to His own image and likeness, and when He has formed us and it is for a purpose.

This is a great place to start a purposeful life to finish well.

  1. God has given you talents, skills and abilities:

It’s not just important that you are chosen by God, but it’s also important to know who you are and what God put in you.

Every single good thing you have visible and invisible is a gift from God. The Bible says, every good and perfect gift comes from God.

He gave, whatever He gave you to fulfill the purpose for which He made you. Those gifts, talents, skills will push you into your destiny.

Your gifting will not only lead you to a purposeful life but will also equip and encourage other to live their life, without you probably people around you will be lost.

  1. Know what your life is:

You might be multi-talented and skillful in many things, but you should know what your life is. You can do many things doesn’t mean that you should do everything. (Please do not take me wrong)

For Example: If a cricketer knows to cook it doesn’t mean he should also be a chef.

Don’t mix up your talents/gifts/skills/abilities with the perfect will of God.

You should know and be very sure of what God has created, chosen and call you for. If you fail in recognizing it, you will live a confused life, purposeless life and eventually unhappy life.

I recommend you see your spiritual leader/pastor/mentor, they will help you. If you don’t have one, please find one.

  1. Prioritize things:

When you know what you have called and chosen for, you should prioritize things accordingly.

As I said, if you called to be a cricketer but you spending most of the time cooking, surely you will do better in cooking than playing cricket, you might also excel and become a great chef but if you don’t become a cricketer for which you are called, though you might be successful in the sight of the world but in God’s sight you will be a failure.

There are times, you should let go of few things and be willing to say NO to things to which you think is not God’s will for your life. And also there are times that you should be willing to say YES to things, even if it’s tough and challenging to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

In Apostle Paul’s life there were so many good things, but He also had a call and purpose of God on his life, he had to count all of them as rubbish and hold on to the things God gave to fulfill His purpose.

Now, I want to ask you, what are you called to do and what are you spending your time with?

  1. Stay focused and run till you finish:

One of the greatest enemy you come across in your life that can stop you from living and completing your God’s purpose in life is YOU!

Your body, your thoughts, your desires and your needs can be a big distraction.

Apostle Paul said, I beat my body and bring it into my subjection.

The world is very attractive and very tempting, you can easily drift away from the plan and purpose of God, therefore stay focused on God who called you and chose you, and live life everyday with the purpose of God.

Therefore, it’s not just important to know what you are called for but it’s also important to stay focused until you finish it.

Well, we all need to give an account to God for the life He has given us and the purpose for which He chose us.

May God give you grace to know the purpose for which He made you, and May you also know your gifting’s, and also to run and finish the race God gave you.

One last thing, Know that your purpose is in Jesus, apart from him there is no purpose. You are created in Him and your ultimate purpose is that you become like Jesus.

God bless you,

Jeevan & Leena.

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