Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

We are living in the world where people are so quick to judge, criticize and impatient to understand you and try to see things through their eyes, which is so heart breaking.

If you are going through this phase of life where you have been bad mouthed, ill-treated, misunderstood, criticized and blamed for the things that you haven’t done, then this is for you. While you are in this process, generally there is a tendency for you to stand up fight back and prove yourself of your innocence.

You have that option to do so, but sometimes instead of getting better things may worsen beyond recovery.

Today I would like to share a very thing that I did when I went through all of this, I did all that I could but it got me nowhere, instead tired of explaining people who didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand. I have titled this post as ‘Let God speak for you’!

I am not saying to give a deaf ear to all the critics, but when you know that people are not understanding you, even after you talking to them, then stop explaining and convincing.

The Bible contains men and women of God who went through hell yet didn’t open their mouth, because they trusted in their God.

Your faith in God is tested when you are in the situation which you don’t want to be in. The real you is displayed when you are put to test. The thing that you carry within comes out when you are pressed hard from all the directions of your life.

Joseph, didn’t do anything evil that his brothers should sell him to Ishmaelite’s, then they sell him to Egypt, and being a slave in Egypt, later accused for the thing that he didn’t do, ended up in prison. Yet God was with Him.

The situation you are in doesn’t mean that God has forsaken you or you being hated by God.

The Bible says, God was with Joseph, even when he was in Egypt as a slave, therefore he prospered in everything he did. Amen! We serve the God of Joseph!

In the New Testament, it was our Lord Jesus Christ who went through lot of rejections from His own people, His own people called Him names that grieved Him, yet He didn’t try to prove them of who He was.

Jesus continued to trust God the Father in heaven, run to His presence whenever He had time, pleased Him in everything He did, living to fulfill the purpose He was called to. In due time, heavens were opened and the voice was heard saying ‘This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased’, God spoke for Jesus.

You can speak for yourself or allow God to speak for you.

If you speak, probably people won’t take it serious, but when God speaks for you that will be awesome!

Dear friend, before I conclude, I want to tell you to trust in God with all your heart and live the life He has called you to live for. He is faithful to honor you in due time, very important don’t seek for people’s approval without God’s.

God’s approval for your life is greater and just, compared to any human being of the planet.

People will change but God will never change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. People might say you are good today, when you stop living the way they want the same people will bad mouth you.

The thing you are going through might be misunderstood until you know that God will turn it for your good and His glory.

God bless you,

In His service,

Jeevan & Leena


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