Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

One of the thing that we try to do to everyone is be good to them and try to please them in every way possible. I am not telling you to please people but have a right attitude and be merciful and loving. People around you won’t see God in you if you are selfish, arrogant, unfaithful and grumpy all the time……

If there is anyone who have to try your best to please, that has to be your Creator (THE GOD). You might do everything, not knowing which one will please Him, but there is one thing that you can do that Pleases God and that’s FAITH.

The Bible says in Heb 11:6: It is impossible to please God without faith.

There are few instances where Jesus told His disciples to have faith and whenever they failed to show faith, He rebuked them for the lack of faith.

Your faith in God will either please Him or grieve Him. You don’t want to be on the list of people that grieve Him.

Your faith in God will not just please Him but also cause you to live a blessed and supernatural life.

Today I would like to share 4 things that will help you to grow your faith in God.

  1. By Knowing Him:

It’s impossible to have faith in God unless you know Him. Knowing God is the key to have faith in Him.

Faith is real, you cannot put your faith in everyone you come across without knowing them at first place.

How can you know God?

Firstly God has revealed Himself through the creation, then He revealed Himself through the people who has chosen and finally He has revealed Himself in His Son Jesus Christ.

When you see Jesus’ life in the 4 gospels of the Bible you will understand God because Jesus is the God.

  1. By knowing what He has done in others’ lives:

One of the things that excites me and helps me to grow in my faith towards God is when I listen to people testifying the goodness of God in their lives.

It’s a good habit to read auto-biographies of men and women of God who encountered and experienced Him. After reading their stories your faith is lifted up and you would begin to trust God for the same in your life, because God doesn’t show favoritism.

  1. By remembering your past victories:

Many of us we have faith in the God of yesterday, not knowing that He is the same unchanging God today, tomorrow and forever.

As a child of God you should take time to think where God brought you from, and how He saved you, how He provided you, how He gave you victory over your enemies and how He has been with you and brought you this far?

If God has done in the past, trust Him to do it now, because He can do it again. He will never get tired of blessing you and helping so that we can live a happy and blessed life. In fact He is more than willing to do miracles in our life than we want. He is our Father!!

  1. By trusting God, now:

Doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, doesn’t matter what things looks like, doesn’t matter what the people say about you and the situation and doesn’t matter what your future looks like. You might feel like giving up, you might feel all the doors are closed, you are at the end and hopeless, don’t know what do you and where to go? That’s when remember the God who loves you, and blindly put your trust in Him.

Touch the heart of God through your faith in Him, when He sees your faith He will be so much pleased that he want to come in power and do what only He can do, which will be for your good and His glory.

Dear friend, I want to conclude by saying this, PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD, even if everything and everyone change, there is a God who never changes. He loves you and He want to do miracles in your life, He want you to experience His love and power afresh, today!

I pray, let your faith in God grow now in Jesus name. Amen

With much love,

Jeevan & Leena






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