Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Prayer is one of the greatest gift God gave us.

Prayer is the privilege we have to call God as “ABBA FATHER”.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon existing, but very few people know how to use this weapon.

Prayer makes the impossible, possible.

Prayer unlocks the power of God over our lives.

Prayer changes the situation and circumstances and it also changes any stone cold heart.

It’s sad that we don’t have time for prayer, we have time for everything but not for prayer. We have time for family, we have time for office, we have time to meet friends and chill around, we have time to roam the city, and we have time for our TV shows and movies…….

We can take time for everything but not for prayer.

I am not saying we shouldn’t have time for family, work, friends and all of that, you should. What I am trying to tell you is ‘have time for prayer too’.

For those who take some time to pray, they aren’t enjoying their prayer time. It’s so boring, you feel tired within 5 minutes into it, you feel sleepy, you run out of words, you are reminded that there are so much to be done, you feel embraced to pray when someone is watching you, and you might also been harassed by the devil in prayer.

Today I would like to share 5 things that will help your personal prayer life.

  1. Do not pray when you are hungry or when you are feeling dirty.

Praying when you are dirty doesn’t stop God from listening your prayers and answering them, for God doesn’t see your outward appearances but at your heart, but it surely makes you uncomfortable and won’t let you pray for a long. It could be deviating.

If you are not on fast it’s not a good thing to start your prayer when you are feeling hungry, because your body will not allow you to pray effectively.

So I would suggest, freshen up and eat something before you go into your prayer time.


  1. Do not do repetitive prayers.

Some people have a prayer list, every time they go into a prayer, they only pray the same thing over and over again.

When you have prayed for something, you should believe God heard it and also answered it, therefore give thanks to Him. That’s the sign of a prayer of faith!

The Bible says, your Father in heaven knows what you need. He is a loving Father.


  1. Do not pray in your flesh.

As long as you are praying in flesh, you cannot pray in the Holy Spirit.

A prayer which is prayed in flesh is not a prayer at all, and a single word uttered in the Spirit is prayer well prayed and prayer that touched the heart of the Daddy God.

One of the reasons the Holy Spirit is with us and in us is to make prayers and intercessions, the more you yield to Him, the more He will pray through you!

You don’t need to pray, you just give yourself to Him and He will pray a right prayer through you!


  1. Don’t just tell God what you need.

Many people go to God in prayer to tell Him what they need.

Asking for your needs is not wrong, well who else will ask if you don’t ask Daddy God but this alone cannot be your prayer.

Prayer is you give your burdens to Him and share His burdens!

Have you ever asked, God what do you want? What can I do for you? How can I be a help to you?

If you haven’t, ask Him now!


  1. Do not tell God to do what He has told you to do.

There are few things that God has asked us to do but, in prayer we tell God what He has told us to do.

For example: praying for the sick, Jesus told us to heal the sick. Lay hand on the sick and they shall recover but when we pray for sick, we tell Him to heal the sick.

I want you to remember two things;

  • Don’t tell God to do what He has told you to do, and
  • Don’t ask God to do what He has already done for you.

I just shared 5 simple things on prayer, hope this will help you in your prayer life.

Remember: Don’t give an excuse why you can’t pray, but make excuse to pray!!

God Bless You.


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