Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

For a very long time I wanted to write on a relationship between a pastor and a believer but now God gave me grace to write it to you.

Before I talk about this godly relationship I want to remind you few things;

Who is a pastor and what he does to his God given sheep?

He is your mentor, spiritual father, a person who prays for you, loves you as Jesus loves, a person who stands for (with) you anytime – anywhere, a person who teaches you, a person who corrects you, a person who encourages, equips and edifies you, he is also your friend, a person who makes you grow to a higher place than he is, and much more……

If you are a pastor and have failed to be all that is mentioned above than probably you need to work on it.

Who is a believer and what he/she has to do to God given shepherd?

You need to be good child, open for corrections, obey him, be submissive to him, and be faithful, be a good steward of the things entrusted to you, serve him faithfully, help him, pray for him, always stand with him in ministry, love and respect him as to the Lord.

The greatest weapon the enemy is bringing (or brought) in the church is divisions and disunity between pastor and a believers. Many churches have been a victim to this.

To a pastor:

(If you are a pastor and is reading this, I want you to know that the only reason I’m writing this is because, this I what the Lord laid on my heart, please don’t mistake me)

I want to remind you of Saul, the first king of Israel.

Saul was an anointed man of God, chosen by God, strong, tall, handsome …… and yet was a failure.

The reason he failed to be a great king and inspiration is because when God send David into his life, he thought of him as a competitor but not as his child, because of which, he tried to kill him and hated him.

A pastor should find his greatest joy in seeing His spiritual children grow to a greatest place than he is. Don’t fight your children. They are your successors in church/ministry. Your believers are the fruit of your work in the Lord.

As a pastor, love your people, encourage them, celebrate them and their victories, give them opportunities, and trust them with responsibilities.

What if they take advantage of things and abuse it and plot evil against you?

Jesus, the Son of God, knew about Judas Iscariot that he will betray him and yet anointed him, called him an apostle, gave him power and authority, and trusted him with money knowing he’s a thief.

What would Jesus do if He was a pastor of the church you are leading? Go ahead and do it!

To a believer:

I want you to remind you of David’s life.

Though David killed the giant Goliath and was good in few things compared to Saul, yet he didn’t take them as an advantage to take Saul’s throne.

David was always humble and submissive to Saul. Loved and respected him. Always stood with Saul when Saul was in need. Though David had an opportunity to kill Saul, yet he respected him and the anointing on Saul’s life.

David not only loved and served Saul, but also his children and grandchildren.

Dear believer, you might be better in few things compared to your pastor but learn to love and serve him with all that God gave you. Don’t ever try to overpower or overtake your pastor’s position in the church. Never raise your voice at your pastor or try to attack him, not even in your heart.

If your pastor has a weak spot, don’t expose it, don’t laugh at it and go around telling everyone about it. HIDE IT!

The Bible says, Ham, the youngest son of Noah was cursed because He exposed his father’s nakedness. Sham and Japheth were blessed because they didn’t look at his father’s nakedness buy they covered it. Genesis 9:20-27

I pray let there be a restoration in churches between a pastor and the believers, every divisions and misunderstanding be gone, may the healing of God manifest in the hearts and minds. Let the unconditional love of the Lord manifest in every church, may the Holy Spirit give grace to serve one another in Jesus name. Amen

With much love,

Jeevan & Leena.

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