Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Hope you had a great start to this New Year and hope you are still holding on to the resolutions.

I very strongly believe that we are in the season of TRANSITION. You are not in your Egypt nor in your promise land, you are not a caterpillar nor a beautiful butterfly, you are not in your past nor in your future.

You might be waiting on the promises of God to manifest in your life and God on the other hand is also waiting to fulfill it. The bible says, God is waiting to perform His word. Jeremiah 1:12.

The God we worship is a loving, faithful, merciful and gracious God. He is more than willing to see us blessed than we could ever think of.

There are few things that you need to change before God takes you from your wilderness to your promise land which is filled with milk and honey.

  1. Desire to live in your promise land:

We all have the promises from God, but when you don’t see those promises manifest in your life, you adjust and become comfortable in the wilderness.

When the Israelites faced challenges of many kinds in the wilderness, they didn’t want to push themselves through to the promise land, else they wanted to go back to land of slavery and bondage.

If you are facing challenges today, I want to ask you, are your challenges pushing you close to God and God given destiny or are they pushing you away?

The reason you want to go back to your old life is because you don’t see God as your Lord and you don’t have any hope in Him and the promises He gave you.

God will not force you into your promise land, He will wait until you surrender to Him and trust Him.

I want you to take time and remember all the promises He gave you and begin to imagine it, it is indeed a future with God in His fullness, a future with the peace and joy of God being your lifestyle and it’s a future of abundance.

Imagine and be desperate for it!


  1. Change to lifestyle of your future:

Many of us only desire to live in our promise land but never make any attempt.

You cannot enter into your new life with old mentality and with old lifestyle. You need to renew your mind and put on the lifestyle of your future.

Change the way your think. Change the place where you are in (Spiritually, emotionally and even physically). Change the people with whom you are associated with.

The promise of God will take you from the place where you are and bring you to the place where you actually belong, you need to adapt to it.

When Moses sent the people into the promise land to spy the land, there were people who came with negative report based of their old mindset, saying we can’t enter and they are powerful than us; but there were two people Joshua and Caleb with a renewed mindset based on the promise of God.

Finally, the people who had renewed mind entered the promise land. Unless you renew your mind and have the mind of the promise of God, you will never see it.

Do not hold on to your past, let it go. Hold on to the promises God has for your future.

The days ahead of you are greater than the days behind you! AMEN

With much love and Blessings,

Ps. Jeevan & Leena

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