One of the reasons people commit suicide because they feel hopeless about their future and they have no one to stand with them in their situation.

Sometimes you can be in the midst of people whom you know and yet feel lonely.

One of the reason people feel lonely is because they feel rejected and unloved.

And trust me, loneliness is a killer!

I encourage you dear friend to show love to the people around you, accept them the way they are, and encourage them if possible but never disappoint/discourage them. (While correcting you can tell them their mistakes and be strict with them but also tell them how and what they have to do, with love and care)

Today I want to talk to those who are going through loneliness.

Dear friend, you might be feeling lonely but you are not alone!

Jesus said, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20, he has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 NKJV

Sometimes being alone is a blessing.

Whenever God takes people out from your life you need to understand that God is up to something very great that will leave a mark on your life forever!

For example:

  1. In Joseph’s life: for God to fulfil the dream that He gave Joseph, He had to bring Joseph out of his house, out of his county, away from his family; imagine if he was loved by all his brothers, he wouldn’t have reached Egypt.
  2. In Esther’s life: for God to make her a queen, Esther had to be taken in a captivity to distant land, away from Mordecai.

And in so many others life God had to set his chosen people away from their comfortable zone, because if they had been around people, they would have become like them.

God has called us for greatness and that greatness sometimes is connected to our connections.

No prison, no palace; no captives, no kingdom; no wilderness, no leadership. Everything is for a purpose.

Sometimes you might not understand the full picture of what God is doing in your life, however you need to trust Him fully against all odd, that He is the loving God and He is faithful to fulfill all the promises He gave you.

The quicker you learn your lesson, the quicker you will be in your promise land.

If you are going through a season of loneliness, I want you to know that God is up to something very great and very significant.

I pray that God would give you grace to overcome loneliness and may you find strength in Him, in Jesus name. Amen

With lot of prayers,

Jeevan & Leena.


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