Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

There are so many people in the Bible whom God has chosen, appointed and anointed and were greatly blessed by God; there are other people whom God has chosen, appointed and anointed and yet were greatly failed.

The one common denominator between those who were greatly blessed and those who were greatly failed was OBEDIENCE.

Everyone who obeyed God were immensely blessed beyond they could have ever thought and desired.

As you are reading this post on Obedience, may God stir up your heart and mind to obey Him in every area of your life.

Throughout the Bible God is desiring one thing from us His chosen people is that we walk in obedience to Him. Do everything that He has commanded us to do.

Obey God above your sacrifices. 1 Samuel 15:22

Today I would like to share 5 benefits of obeying God:

  1. Obedience opens the door of blessings:

Everyone wants to be blessed but no one wants to obey God.

Deuteronomy 28:1-14, records of the blessings that God wants you to blessed with, but the only qualification is that you just obey God.

And the remaining chapter 28, talks about the curses if you fail to obey God.

You should obey God all the time, all the days of your life. The reason we don’t obey God is because we don’t love Him.

  1. Obedience brings healing:

Sickness and disease is the result of sin, God said if you obey me and do everything I have commanded you to do, and you will walk in perfect healing. Exodus 15:26

Jesus said to the blind man, go and wash in the pool, he washed and was healed of his blindness. John 9:7

Elisha told Naaman to go wash yourself seven times in the Jordan river, he washed and his skin was restored. 2 Kings 5:10, 14

  1. Obedience causes you to be successful:

In the days of Isaac there was a severe famine, probably he thought of moving from the place where he was, but God told him to stay in the same place where he was and that year Isaac sowed a seed and reaped a 100 fold harvest. Genesis 26:12

Sometime we should stop using our intellect and blindly obey God, knowing that He will never put you to shame but honor you for honoring Him and His word.

  1. Obedience protects you from coming destruction:

When you keep God’s word, God’s word will keep you!

In the days on Noah the whole earth was filled with sin and when God looked at the people he made, He was so sorry. But the bible says, there was one man who found favor in God’s sight, God told him to build an ark. He did everything God had told him to do. Genesis 6:22

Because he obeyed God, he and his family was spared.

  1. Obedience creates supernatural:

 Our God is a supernatural God.

When you think that nothing is working or everything has come to an end, know this that He is still in control. All your strategies might fail but His power will still surprise you.

At one night Peter went out to fish, he tried his best from night to day and yet did not get a fish, so discouraged; Jesus walks by and tells Peter to cast his nets for a fish, he says, Lord I have searched all night and found nothing but because you say so I will, just because Peter obeyed Jesus, he caught a net breaking and boat sinking fish.

You tried everything? Tired of doing everything everyone told you to do, let’s try Jesus and His word once before you give up! Trust me, you will not regret!

Prayers and love to you,

Ps. Jeevan & Leena


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