Hi dear friend, 

Greetings to you in Jesus name. 

Hope you are doing well by God’s grace. 

When a child is born into this world, he receives his father’s seed (sperm) to be born naturally in this world. And he inherits the name of the father and his surname as an identity to live in this world. 

Fathers play a very important role in every child’s lives. 

His child will always grow up seeing his father as a hero and a role model.

As a child grows he might begin to assume or notice some short comings in his father’s life and voice it out publically, which brings disgrace and shame to him in the society. 

Don’t just assume and come to conclusion if you don’t have any proper evidences.

Even if your father has a weakness, you as a good child should go and talk to him personally and help him overcome, instead of going around telling everyone about it.  

Stripping up your father’s righteousness in front of others is as equal as stripping him of his clothes in public. 

The reason you should cover your father is because when God gave you to him, he did not expose your nakedness to everyone, but covered you.

Today I want to share few thoughts on how to tap into greater blessing by just honoring your spiritual father/ your pastor / your mentor.

Dear friend, can I take a liberty of saying that “whatever you are today in God is because of God’s grace, and because of your spiritual father/pastors/mentors”.

In every stage of life God has provided you someone who could speak God’s love and grace over you.

No matter how great you grow, don’t forget that your spiritual father/pastors/mentors are the ones that taught you, who encouraged you, gave you opportunities to serve God; and trust me they will be the happiest to see you grow to greater heights for the glory of God. 

Because they are the one who thinks about you, prays for you, always there for you when you are in need of them, always willing to help you to make right decisions in life….. 

At times when they disciplines you, it might not be a pretty sight for you in that very moment, but their intention is to see you succeed and not fall in that any trap of the enemy in this world. 

Do you know, you can be blessed by God because of your love, respect and honor that you have for your spiritual father/pastors and mentors? And you can be cursed for dishonoring them.

The bible says in Genesis 9:21-27 that Noah cultivated the land and planted a vineyard, one day he got drunk and was laying in his tent naked. 

Noah’s youngest son Ham saw his father’s nakedness and went and told other brothers, then Shem and Japheth took a robe and covered his father’s nakedness even without looking at it. 

When Noah got revived, he understood what his children had done, and firstly he cursed Ham for exposing his nakedness to his brothers, and then blessed Shem and Japheth greatly for covering his nakedness. 

If Ham couldn’t cover his father nakedness, he should have just ignored it and let his father wake up and cover himself; instead of telling his brothers. 

Now, let’s apply this situation in your church where Noah is like your pastor/mentor/spiritual father, you as Ham, and Sham and Japheth as your church members/ friends or anyone. 

When you think or know, about your pastor/mentor/spiritual father’s nakedness. (Or any man and woman of God for that matter), do not go around telling people about it. Its gossip and back biting.

Let God be a judge to your spiritual leaders, who are you to take God’s place and do God’s work? 

If possible pray for them and talk to them personally and help them overcome IF YOU HAVE SEEN THEM DOING SOMETHING WRONG!  

If you don’t know, please do not talk about it or entertain anyone who brings up such conversations!  

By talking and agreeing, you can have a share in that curse.

Dear friend, if you have spoken anything bad about your pastors/spiritual father/ mentors, I would urge you to repent before it’s late, and ask God to forgive you, and if possible if your pastors/spiritual father/ mentors are in touch with you should apologize to them.

It takes humility to say sorry, but when you humble yourself and say sorry to God and to a man/woman of God; God will give you grace  for obeying and honoring His word. And this grace of God can cause you to do great things for God in your life. Amen

God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.

I’m telling you, when you say sorry and mean it with all your heart, then God will forgive and bless you abundantly. And also promise to God today that hereafter you will not talk bad about any man/woman of God.

Thank you,

God bless you.

With much love and prayers,

Ps. Jeevan & Leena

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