Hello dear friend,

Greeting to you in Jesus name.

Since this is the first blog of the year, I would like to wish you a blessed year ahead.

This year God has given a promise that this would be a “year of GATHERING and a year of LIFE”.

What does it mean to be a year of gathering?

When a farmer has a field, he ploughs the land and sows a seed, and waters his field to keep the seed alive and finally when it is the time of harvest, he would harvest for the seeds he sowed.

I pray and believe that this year, you would gather the harvest for the seed that you have sowed and been sowing for days, months, years and even decades in Jesus name.

You would not only gather what you have worked for, but you would also gather for the seeds you sowed, and others sowed for you (or for the place and situation you are in).

I believe and pray this year you will gather great things and I release the words from Psalms 65:11 “God will crown you this year with His abundance goodness of God till your life overflows” (paraphrased)

And a year of life.

You need life when there is a death or symptoms of death.

Whichever area of your life that seems to be dead and unproductive for seasons (months & years), May you experience the life of God flowing and filling till you see the manifestation of the abundant blessings of God in and through every area your life, in Jesus might name.

May everyday of this year be a days of testimonies and thanksgiving to God for all the glorious things He is about to do in your life, in Jesus mighty name.

May God bless you

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