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Today I feel so excited to write a blog on one of my favorite topics – Marriage. I know this is a vast subject like an ocean, but I pray this will help you in your marriage to some extent.

All the men and women who are single and are waiting expectantly that God will send them their better halves soon; some are praying, and others are fasting and praying, and doing everything possible to get married.

Whereas on the other day those who are married are struggling to fulfil their marital responsibilities, but somehow trying to manage to stick to the marriage with lot of compromises, hurts, misunderstandings.

Well today I would like to share few things that I have learnt, applied in my marriage; and trust me I am having a blessed and beautiful marriage.

Everyone knows the golden rule for marriage in the book of Ephesians 5:22 & 25, not many has understood it fully, but many have also misunderstood it; today I would like to share my understanding, please read in the light of the Holy Spirit. I pray and hope this post will be a blessing to you and your marriage.

I am thinking whether I should write about the husband or wife first, its ladies first everywhere but I think in the Kingdom of God and in the family a man who is the head of the house, and leads his with an example for a wife and children to follow.


Ephesians 5:25: Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her (the church).

The Bible says that “husbands ought to love their own wives”.

Mister, do you love your wife? You might say, yes I do.

Do you love your wife like Jesus loves the church (us)? You know the answer to this question.

Dear husband, do you know the greatest desire of a wife is to be “loved by her husband”. She can fight any situation and anyone in the world when she has her loving husband beside her.

Husband’s love is not just to provide her basic needs like food, clothing, and accommodation; but love her so much that your wife will be empowered to live her life for you, for your family and for God.

Appreciate your wife whenever she does a good job, correct her whenever needed, provide for her more than she asked or desired, often put your arms around her that will make her feel protected, be gentle with her because she has no one in the family except you and because of you she is connected to everyone, buy gifts to her she will understand and know that you are thinking of her, and go on a date she will have a good quality time with you where you both can discuss and enjoy your time, and get intimate as often as possible because it a very good stress buster and renews mind (don’t force her, but make her feel loved) …. You can be creative and add to the list.

As husband you should love your wife, like Jesus loved (loves) you. And as Jesus gave Himself for you, you should also be willing to love your wife to an extent that you are willing to give your life (die) for her. (Physically, emotionally, materially and financially)

Husband should have a strong relationship with God, because you can only give the love you have received from God. If you don’t know Christ’s love you, cannot give love to your wife.


Ephesians 5:22: Wives, submit yourselves to your own husband as to the Lord.

The bible says, “Wives submit” as you do to the Lord.

When a woman comes to the husbands house she comes with a mindset, “how I should not allow my in-laws to dominate me”, therefore she begins to dominate and do bossism from the very beginning (Not all women do this, but most of them, especially in our culture).

Women might not find difficult to be submitted to their husbands. (If a wife has problem submitting to her own husband, then she needs serious deliverance), but submitting to the whole family and to the standards/culture of the house might seems really challenging.

What if by the grace of God, and because of the love for the family a woman enters into her new home with a servant mentality instead of boss’ mentality, and begin to serve her husband and her husband’s family (which is her family now), do you think a man who loves you so much will allow you to be treated like a servant? Never!

Dear woman, your husband is your lord and king, therefore you have to serve him like a king. “When you humble yourself and serve him and his kingdom (his family and his responsibilities), he will give you your rightful position as a queen of his house”.

Don’t try to find shortcuts, and other worldly wisdom, and crafty ways to your throne. This might back fire you, and your marriage might be in danger.

Your submission to your husband should be based on pure love and respect. When you love your husband, you will love his family too.

If there are any serious issues in the house, bring it to your husband’s notice (don’t nag him with unending complains) tell him once or twice and give him space to make decisions. Don’t tell anything to the in-laws directly or indirectly of what, how, why and when they should do; let your husband speak for you.

  • Together

Together love God and continue to grow in Him, love one another, take good care of one another, and respect your spouse, and try your best to make your spouse happy. One question you should ask yourself as a husband/wife, “What would Jesus do if He was in my place?” And DO whatever Jesus would do!

If you have any questions, you can please leave a comment or write to us at heraldsforjesus@gmail.com

With much love and blessings,

Pastor. Jeevan and Leena

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