Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name. 

Today I would like to share few thoughts on one of the most sensitive and powerful topics is Tithes (Money).

The reason I say its sensitive is because many in the Church (Body of Christ) have abused it, and many have experienced God’s great and Might hand by knowing how to use it. 

Tithing is one of the most powerful things in the Bible, through the Old Testament we see how people brought their tithes, and different kinds of offerings to the temple. 

Some argue saying that in the New Testament there is no mention of the word tithe. 

Yes dear friend you are right, in Old Testament people gave their tithe of everything they had, but in the New Testament people gave all that they had.

Acts 4:34: People sold whatever they had, brought and laid it at the apostles feet. 

Matthew 19:27: Peter said, we have left everything to follow You. 

I will leave it to you to decide if you want to stick to Old Testament tithing or New Testament tithing. The Bible also says that you shouldn’t give under compulsion or under pressure, for God loves the cheerful givers. 

Today I will share you three reasons for you to give tithes, I pray and believe that this post will answer few questions you have about tithing and bless you, in Jesus name. Amen


Every time you give tithes to God, you are being accountable to the blessings God has blessed you with. 

Many people ask me where to give my tithes?

I want to tell you, “Give where you belong”.

Wherever you are blessed, feed, taken care, growing as a disciple, feel connected, prayed whenever you need, a person (place) to whom you go to when you need a voice and touch of God, and whomever and whichever place you think is your house and have spiritual parents that’s where your tithes should go.

It is possible that you might be away from your spiritual parents and from the house God gave you, and been attending church elsewhere; still I would say give your tithes to the house you belong, and give offering (whatever size) to the church you are attending. Or it could be, all this while you might be going to a church which might have blessed you immensely, but might have found your spiritual stream now in the present church.


The root word for the word disciple/student is discipline. 

As a child of God you need to grow in disciplining yourself, even in your finances. You need the grace of God to be calculative and control your finances. 

Generally when someone is going through some kind of financial crisis, they delay or stop their giving, I tell you no matter what “nothing should stop you from honoring God in the blessings He blessed you with”. 


I have always believed, taught and lived that “when God gives us something and knows that we will honor Him by giving it back to Him, then there is nothing He won’t give us”. Amen 

If we are not faithful to the little He gave us, how do you think God will trust you with much?

Be diligent, and be consistent in giving God what belongs to Him. Trust me, when we give what is His, we are not doing Him any favour, instead we are doing favour to ourselves by positioning ourselves to receive much more from God. Amen 

Dear friend, I want to remind you whenever God tells (told) you to give, “He is not trying to take from you, but trying to give you more to you, more than you could ever asked or imagined”.

As you are reading this post, May the grace of God be on you and enable you to give Him what is expected of you, to build His Kingdom and expand His Kingdom, and also to see the people of God live abundantly, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen

With much love and blessings,

Pastor. Jeevan & Leena

+91 9620388227

If you have any doubts regarding this please leave your question in the comment section. Thank you.

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