Hello dear friend, one of the most terrifying thing in the world today is coronavirus (COVID-19).

Within a couple of months, this virus has spread to almost all the continents of the world, effected several nations across the globe, and killed thousands of lives.

There is lot of information, awareness about this disease. I would like to share few thoughts that are on my heart, please read and share with your friends and loved ones if this blesses you. 


Fear has always been the most deadly disease on the planet, than the disease itself. 

There is a difference between being fearful and being careful. When you are fearful, you worry about your life to an extent that your worries will give you unnecessary sickness, stress and discouragement; but when you become careful, you plan your daily activities and try your best to be safe as possible.

If someone is suffering with a deadly disease as this one, and has the courage to face it and live their life; trust me, “this virus has to bow its knees”.

One of the ways you feed your fear is by listening to the unnecessary rumors, the more you hear about it the more fearful you become. You just need an update!


I might sound religious, but I want to tell you I’m not a religious person. 

What doctors can’t fix, only God can and He will. Even if doctors wants to treat this and bring healing to the effected body, they need the wisdom, grace and revelation from God. 

Without God man is helpless and hopeless.
– What to do when you are surrounded with the sound of this scary deadly disease? I would say RUN TO GOD. 

– Where is God? We learnt from the primary school that GOD IS EVERYWHERE. 

– How to connect with an invisible God? You are already connected to God in your SPIRIT. 

All you need to do is communicate with Him from your innermost part of your heart, or find a man/woman of God who will help you to connect with God. When you meet an anointed man/woman of God, you will meet God. 

I want to remind you one verse from the Bible, where God said, “I’m the God who heals you”. You need God to heal you and you need God to stay healed. 

Generally when you go to a medical doctor, you go with humility, and you share everything to a doctor, and wait to hear from the doctor. And if you think you have committed anything wrong in life, be sorry and ask doctor to help you. Can’t you do the same to the eternal and greatest doctor of the universe – God?


One of the way God protected His people in the Bible was through the blood.

Once the angel of death came to devour the people, as a punishment, but the people of God applied the blood of the animals on the door posts, and when the angel of the death came he saw the blood and moved on. It didn’t enter and touch the people in the house, but the death angel went and killed a person from the houses whose doors were not marked with the blood. 

You don’t have to kill an animal today and apply its blood. “Jesus Christ our Lord, He became the perfect sacrifice for all the sins, of all mankind, of all time.” All you need to do now is believe, and apply His blood on yourself, your family, your house, your work, your city, your state, and your country also. Everywhere you need protection.

– How to apply? By your words. For Example: Say, “I apply the blood of Jesus on my body, my soul and my spirit”, I apply the blood of Jesus on my family….. (likewise anywhere – everywhere). 


The above shared three things are powerful and extremely helpful. I hope you might have believed, accepted and applied these precious things to your life. You are safe, you are protected and you are blessed.

Now then, it is your responsibility to protect yourself, so that you can protect what you have learnt by this post. 

There is a fine line between faith and foolishness. Faith is excellent, but you need to use your common sense also. 

Everything you hear about the protections from coronavirus; please listen, and follow their guidelines to protect yourself. 
Only when you are safe, you can save others. The Kingdom of God, your family, your company, your friends/relatives/neighbors ….need you. 

I pray May God give you grace to understand the protection He has provided for you, and protect yourself, may the good God bless you and keep you, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen

May God bless you,

In Him,

Pastor Jeevan & Pastor Leena

+91 96203 88227

If you are blessed by this word, don’t forget to share this with your loved ones. Thank you.

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