Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

One of the things the whole world is fighting today is coronavirus, also known as Covid19.

This is worth the fight because it has made people sick, it has killed people, it has made people poor because of unemployment, it has caused havoc, and it has done much more. 

The count of positive cases has been increasing rapidly, economy is licking dust, fear and worries of life is skyrocketing, and religious places were shut. 

In the midst of all this people are fighting one another, and questioning the existence of God; some people are praying and fasting, and doing everything they can but the situation seems to be getting worse.

Sometimes it is possible that we are emotionally driven because of what is happening, I always believed whatever happens in the natural is the result of what is happening in the spiritual realm. I want you to pause and think; 

What is happening?

Why is this happening? 

What are we doing? 

What should be done? 

Do we need to fight it, if yes, then how? 

Today we are fighting corona, what if by the time we find a vaccine to this and it is reached to everyone in the world, something else might come up; then we will stop fighting corona and fight something new.

If we continue to fight one after the other, when will we live our life? When will we enjoy this gift of life? And when will we fulfil the purpose of God? 

The devil (the evil one) has made us so busy fighting this virus that we sometimes forget to thank God for His goodness and praise Him for who He is!

These things are happening and will continue to happen because we are living in the last days. 

The Bible says in the end times; 

1. There will be no peace on the earth.

2.  People will kill one another. 

3. There will be famine. 

4. The cost of living to survive will be expensive. 

5. Plagues and wild beasts will kill people.

6. Persecutions will increase.

7. There will be earthquakes. 

8. The sun will become black (dark), moon will become red, and stars will fall.

9. Mountains and island will be removed from its place.

10. People will hide in caves, and rocks of the mountains.

11. Hail and fire mixed with blood will be hurled on earth.

12. Mountains will be ablaze and thrown into the sea.

13.  Sea will be turned into blood, and 1/3 of living creatures in the sea will die. 

14. Rivers and springs will become bitter and people will die. 

15. The sun and the sky will be darkened by the smoke from abyss.

16. Locusts will come on earth and they will be given power like a scorpion to torture only the people who is without the seal of God.

17. 1/3 of mankind will be killed of fire, smoke and sulphur.

And many more things will happen…..

If these plagues are allowed by God, and if you are fighting the plagues, then you will be fighting God who allowed.

If God is allowing these plagues, it’s for a reason, there must be something that He is expecting for us, probably;

1. God wants us to repent of our sins. 

2. Turn from our wicked ways, and turn to Him.

3. Acknowledge Jesus’ Lordship over our lives, and

4. Prepare ourselves to meet Him.

When we have done what God wants us to do, then He will have mercy on us and all the people of the earth, and bless us and heal our land.  

As the children of God we should focus more on preparing ourselves to meet our Lord, and make every effort to finish our earthly assignment well, as we are preparing we should help others also.

When we have positioned ourselves right in our identity in Jesus Christ (in the Word of God), then God will fight the coronavirus for us and we can be 100% assured that we will be victorious, and we will nullify all the plans and schemes of the devil in Jesus name. Amen

Dear friend, I want to remind you, no matter what is happening God Almighty is sovereign, He is all mighty, He is all knowing, and He is present everywhere; and He is in full control. 

The Bible says, heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. 

He deserves our attention, our praise, our worship and our love!

May God give us grace to surrender ourselves to Him, and help us to wholeheartedly fulfil the purpose of God, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen

In His service,

Ps. Jeevan & Ps. Leena Jeevan

+91 96203 88227


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