Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of chaos, fear, confusion and worry all around us because of the coronavirus (covid19); thousands are getting infected every day, and many are dying, unemployment is increasing, poverty (lack) is taking hold of some.

I think we are living in the days of famine. Whenever there was a famine in the past people always experienced lack/scarcity, today people are surely experiencing the worst and longest famine of their lives. There is surely a lack of medical help, lack of food, lack of peace, lack of joy, lack of faith, lack of money, lack of righteous living; this covid19 has directly or indirectly effected everyone in one way or the other.

When you are in famine, it generally makes you uncomfortable and can lead to change the position you are in and also change the people you are surrounded with.

In the bible we see there was a famine in the days of Abraham Genesis 12:10, in the days of Isaac Genesis 26:1, and even in the days of Joseph Genesis 41:13. (There were other famines too).

Isaac and Joseph not only survived but thrived in their famine, if we do today what they did, we will also get what they got. I want to share few things that sustained them during their famine.

  1. Instruction from God:

It is very important that you have an instruction from God no matter what kind of famine you are in, it is the Word of God that takes away all fear and confusion, and gives directions to overcome it.

The Word of God makes you wiser and empowers you to be focused.

2. Obedience to the Word:

There are many people who have a voice of God over their lives but not everyone who has a word obeys the word. You need the grace of God to live the word.

Obedience to the word is the key to survive the famine.

3. Waiting on the Word:

When you have obeyed the Word of God, you need to wait until God causes the word to manifest, it might take days, weeks, months and even years.

Waiting is sometimes spelled as preparing. As you prepare yourself God will give you whatever you have been waiting for.

4. Thrived in the famine:

The famine in the days of Isaac produced him a 100 fold harvest. And the famine in the days of Joseph made him and Egypt as the only nation to have grains in all the world and the whole world went to Joseph to buy food from him. (Genesis 41:57)

I want to tell you the famine you are going through today will not kill you but cause you to be elevated as you follow the instructions of God, obey them and patiently wait on Him. You will come out with a testimony of God’s goodness and His great power.

Dear beloved, I want to encourage you, it is the word of God in the storm that keeps you at rest. I pray today may your ears be opened to hear the voice of God in the situation you are in, as you lean on His word by faith may God cause you to feast at His table all the days of your life, in Jesus mighty name I pray.

Welcome to August, a month of FEASTING.

With much love and blessings,

Ps. Jeevan Kumar & Ps. Leena Jeevan

+91 9620388227


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