Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

When you look around or meet people, one thing you find in common, that is people are suffering. Some are suffering with physical condition, other with emotional, some others financial, and few others in other areas, but one common thing is suffering.

Some times this suffering is so bad that you deny the existence of God and the love He has for us.

And there are another kind of people who blame God for the suffering that they are going through, they blame God for all the mess they are in.

Today I would like to share few thoughts on suffering.

God will not allow you to suffer.  God is your Father, have you seen any good father allowing his children to suffer?

Father disciplining his children is different than put them in suffering. At times when God is disciplining, it might look as suffering but it’s not. Why? Discipline is just for a sometime (a moment), suffering is much bigger process (always in pain).

God sent Jesus to earth so that He (Jesus) might take our place of suffering for the sins that we have committed, so that we will be spared from it. He is a loving Father.

My friend, you no need to suffer for which Jesus already suffered and paid its full price on the cross.

When people are going through tough season they always quote that God is allowing it in their life the way He did to JOB in the Bible.

First of all you are not Job,

Job was tested because of His righteous and blameless living, and

At the end of his suffering, God restored everything double.

If God is allowing things in your life, then understand this, He will restore everything to greater and glorious than before.

People suffer because of their choices. God never created pain, suffering, worries, sickness, death…..it was all result of man’s decisions to sin.

Whatever you are going through today is because of the choices you made in the past, and whatever choices you make today will result tomorrow.

When you commit sin or when you are living in sin, you give the devil/satan a foothold in your life, he legally comes into your life, and he comes with a mission that’s to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10. He is already at work in the lives of those who choose to do evil.

Satan is not for you, he is against you. He will try his best to rip you off of everything God clothed you with. He is your enemy.

You don’t fight against flesh and blood, he’s an unseen enemy who sees you and day n night he looks for opportunity to rob God given blessings.

Before I conclude, I want to encourage you to live a holy life, if you fall knowing or unknowingly in sin; then, run to Jesus, repent, ask for forgiveness, start a fresh. Protect yourself with the blood of Jesus from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet where no powers of devil prevail.

You are blessed with every blessing in Jesus Christ, free from all pain, sickness, worries, poverty, curse and sin. AMEN!!

God bless you,

Jeevan & Leena

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