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Today I would like to share few things about baptism.

Different people, denominations have different opinion about baptism, and different ways of taking it. Today we will answer few thoughts about baptism from the word of God.

I pray this post will help you to understand Baptism and if you haven’t taken baptism yet, this will prepare you to be baptized meaningfully.

The word baptism comes from a Greek word ‘baptizo’ which means ‘to immerse’. This word appears nearly 80 times in the Holy Bible.

I want you to know that baptism will not save you from sin, whereas the saved should be baptized.

How are you saved? You are saved by believing in Jesus Christ (His virgin birth, righteous living, He taking your place on the cross, His death and resurrection and His coming back to take us home).

Baptism is just an outward expression of what happened on the inside (believing and receiving Jesus as your only Lord and savior). Baptism will not take us to heaven.

You should be baptized because Jesus our Lord led us with an example, and He told His disciples to baptize everyone who believes in Him. Matthew 3: 13, 16. Mark 16:16.

I call baptism as a funeral service, where you bury the dead (dead to sin and past life). Baptism symbolizes that we are dead with Jesus, therefore buried in water as He was buried in the ground, as Jesus rose from the dead, when we come out of the water, we believe we rise with Him as He is, with new nature. Rom 6:4

When we take baptism, we should be fully immersed in the water as a person is buried fully in the ground.

All who believe in Jesus can take baptism. It’s not a religious thing. It’s not a Christian thing. It’s all about Jesus!!

Some people say that we should be baptized in the name of Jesus alone or the Father alone but you should be baptized in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son (Jesus Christ) and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

Few people delay in taking baptism because they think they are not perfect yet. The Bible never says that a perfect should be baptized, but a believer should.

Perfection is a process, you will be made perfect based on your intimate relationship with God and relying on Him completely, every day.

The Bible says, when roman centurion Cornelius and His house holds heard the message about Jesus Christ, preached by Peter, immediately he and all his households got baptized. Acts 10:47-48.

The Ethiopian eunuch heard the good news about Jesus, preached by Philip, when they came to some waters, immediately that Ethiopian eunuch got baptized. Acts 8:34-38.

You can be baptized whenever you want. I recommend you take baptism as soon as possible.

Here are the few wrong reason to take baptism;

Just because you are born in a Christian family and follow the tradition of the church doesn’t mean you should be baptized. But, only when you repent of your sins and believe Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

I personally don’t encourage infant baptism because that child when he/she grows up will make a choice to believe in Jesus, only then he/she should be baptized.

I don’t encourage someone getting baptized just for the sake of marriage.

Some people take baptism on the 1st January or on Easter morning. There’s nothing wrong in taking on those days, in fact we can be baptized on any day but if our faith is on the day rather than Jesus than there’s something gravely wrong.


I have just shared few thoughts on baptism, if you have any questions regarding the same, please feel free to share below. I would love to answer them. Thanks

God bless you,

With much love,

Jeevan & Leena

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