Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

From past few weeks I have been thinking, praying, preaching and believing God for a revival.

What is revival?

Revival is God’s visiting us in a very unique way resulting in the transformation of lives of people, sick being healed, oppressed are delivered and there is a great conviction that God is here!

I believe with all my heart that the church of Jesus Christ is about to experience the greatest revival ever in the history of mankind and my deepest desire is that I want to play an important role in that revival!

How about you?

You can choose to be a spectator or want to be a part of that great movement!

If you can only have desire and prepare yourself to be a part of the revival, trust me, you will not regret! God will surely fulfill your heart desire and He will not just bless you but make you a great blessing.

How to prepare for the revival?

  1. Believe: we are living in the darkest days of mankind where sin of every kind is sky rocketing and there is a chaos everywhere. People are trying to fix it by creating awareness but we don’t see much change.

You have to believe that only God can fix this, government coming up with new rules and social workers creating awareness is great but that will be incomplete.

Nothing can revolutionize what is happening except God’s encounter to humanity.

2. Pray: Once you know and believe that only God can bring a change, then it’s our responsibility to pray.

Prayer is the greatest weapon that God gave to us.

The Bible says, Ask and we will receive… Matthew 7:7-8, Psalms 2:8 and if we the church begin to ask God for the nation(s), He will give it to us for His glory.

We need to cry for our generation to encounter God!

3. Imagine: Our prayer is complete when we imagine it, envision what we have prayed. The reason sometimes we don’t see our prayers answered is because we give up very quickly.

The bible says in Ephesians 3:20 God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask and imagine.

Just because you don’t see an instant result that doesn’t mean God has not heard your prayers and God will not answer.

Prayers are like seeds we sow, we need to wait for the time of harvest, imagining is expecting that your seeds will give harvest.

4. Share it: When dreaming for a revival becomes your lifestyle and when you have given your time to think, believe, pray and imagine; it is also important that you share your expectations.

By sharing it with others, you prepare them and also your confession takes your faith to the deeper levels.

In the Old testament we see God telling the Israelites that you should  tell them how God performed the miracles among you and how He defeated your enemies so that the next generation will also know their God and put their trust in Him no matter where they are whom they are facing.

Share about the coming revival with passion and excitement.

5. Be determined: After sharing our revival cry with others you should be so determined that you will see the power and glory of God manifest greatly in our day.

When you are determined, God will honor it.

There was a man named Simeon in the Bible that he would not die until he has seen Jesus – the Messiah, and the bible says He did see Jesus.

As you are reading this post, I pray May God prepare you to see and be a part of the greatest ever Revival in Jesus name. Amen!

with much love, prayers and blessings,

Ps. Jeevan & Leena

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