Hello dear friend, Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name.

We are living in most terrific and glorious days of our life.

The reason I call it terrific is because the whole world is gripped with the fear of covid-19, every day we hear the rapid increase of covid-19 positive cases and number of people dying every day, people are living in constant fear. The reason I call it glorious is because, we have more than enough time with ourselves, family, at home with our loved ones.

Before the lockdown started everyone was in need of a break; students wanted a break from the schools and colleges, employers and employees wanted a break from their busy life, some were so busy that they did not have time to take care of their parents, talk peacefully with wife and spend time with children, but because of this lockdown you are not just protecting yourself from the covid-19 but have lot of time to live your unspoken desires.

After been lock down for few more days than accepted you might feel bored, crippled and lazy; you might also come to a place where you are feeling frustrated for staying at home.

Dear friend, it is very much better to stay in a home with the loved ones than to stay alone in the grave.

You as a good citizen of the country have no options than to honor and obey the commands of the government. Whatever they say it is for your good and for the benefit of the country.

After said that, I want to ask you, what are you doing in this lockdown? I have seen some of my close friends and relatives are busy in kitchen cooking/baking something they always wanted to and are feasting every day, others are going back to their hobbies and living their childhood days, few others are sleeping – eating – browsing and repeat.

Dear friend, I want to assure you that this lock down will not last long, and I also want tell you the days you are living in this lockdown are the most beautiful days, when you come out of lockdown you never know if you will ever get this kind of break in life again. And when you come out of this lockdown what kind of a person you want to be, do you want to be the same person or a person who is coming out with the renewed strength, with excitement and greater wisdom and knowledge to face the world?

Eagles when they reach a certain age, their wings become heavy because of the thicker feather making them uncomfortable to fly, then the eagle is left with two option either ‘die or go through a painful process of change’, when it decides to go through a change, he will isolate himself from other eagles and make his dwelling on the mountain top, some feathers fall off and others he plucks it off and wait patiently and expectantly knowing this season of his life will pass by. And once his season is over, he will renew his strength and soar higher no matter how violent the wind is.

You too like eagle might feel like isolated, and like your strength is falling off; but why don’t you see that during this lockdown you are rejuvenating yourself for the greater days ahead. If you allow God to make you and change you from inside out during this lockdown you will come out with a strength of an eagle to fly higher in life for your own benefit and for God’s glory too.

I pray may God give you grace to make a better use of this lockdown and May you come out of this with a renewed strength, mind and power in Jesus name. Amen

May God bless you,

In His service,

Ps. Jeevan & Ps. Leena

+91 96203 88227

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