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Greetings to you in Jesus name.

We are living in the days where people are constantly under fear and worries because of covid-19. Thousands of people have become jobless, and the downfall of the economy has left people heartbroken and clueless about their future.

In the midst of the chaos, there is one place where you can find rest to your soul that is the presence of God. Since we have encountered this pandemic, many preachers are coming up with the thought that the rapture of the church and the coming of the Lord is very near than it ever was.

Some people don’t believe in rapture and some other people do, but I do. Since I believe in rapture, it is important that we prepare ourselves to meet our Lord in the midair.

There are people who say that rapture might take another 1000+ years, and some say He might come in this decade; no matter when He comes, but within few years at the max in 100 years we will all stand before Him.

The coming of the Lord will be extremely glorious and terrifying, glorious for those who have prepared themselves but terrible for those who will be left behind. Since we know now that we will see Him face to face it is important that we prepare ourselves.

Today I want to share few things that will help you to prepare yourself for the rapture;

  • Believe He is coming to take you:

It is very important that you know, understand and believe that Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour is coming to take you to where He is.

Only if you believe, you can prepare yourself, else you will be passive and take this God given time for granted and misuse it.

  • Be expectant:

Once when you have believed that your Lord Jesus is coming to take you home, and don’t know the exact day and time when He will shows up in the midair, you need to be prepared every day and be expecting that the Lord might come today.

This will help you not to be closely connected to the earthly (worldly) things but help you fix your eyes on the Lord, and you will be more concerned about God, His will, His purpose for you, and you will engage more in fulfilling the assignment He gave you.

When this becomes a lifestyle, you will not regret when the Lord come to take you home.

  • Be prayerful:

Prayer is not just your wish list to God. It is one of the ways you communicate with God (you talk to Him and He will talk back to you).

When prayer becomes less about you telling God what you need, and more about hearing from Him of what He is thinking, and what He is doing, then He will reveal His heart to you.

As you wait on the Lord to know and understand His heart consistently, do you think He will not reveal about His coming to you? The Lord will not do anything without first revealing to His faithful children.

Do you want to be that person to whom God will share His heart? Then, may God find you in prayer.

  • Be watchful:

Nothing is happening in this world by accident, and whenever something happens God is not surprised by it. He is sovereign and He controls everything by His power. In fact whatever happens in the natural realm is the result of what is already happening in the spirit realm.

Everything that is happening in the world is the sign, and everything is bringing together to make the way for the Lord’s return.

Before I conclude, I want to tell you these are the 4 things that I could think of, what else do you think we should do in preparing ourselves to meet the Lord? Please leave your answers in the comment section below.

I pray, may the grace of God be with you in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

With much love and prayer,

Ps. Jeevan Kumar & Ps. Leena Jeevan

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