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Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Marriage is the greatest blessing you can have here on earth, after Salvation.

The bible says, it’s not good for human being (man) to be alone, therefore He made a suitable helper for him. When God created everything He said, it is good; but when he saw that man was alone, He said it is “not good”.

God wants you to get married (After said that there are few people whom God has chosen to stay single all their life for the sake of the gospel (The Kingdom of God).

Among all those who are singles, most of them are working hard to find their better half; on the other hand many who got married are regretting about their decisions, because of the sufferings (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially and so on) marriage has produced in their life.

Before you get into a covenant relationship of marriage with someone, everything seems to be good, loving, comforting, and godly. But only after marriage you see a different and unexpected side of your partner.

All the married, I would encourage you to work on your marriage. You can read my latest blog on marriage here https://jeevankumar.com/2020/03/03/secrets-to-a-beautiful-marriage/

Today I would like to help the singles to make a wise and godly decisions for your marriage.


Prayer is the key, it is where you share your heart with God and understand God’s heart for you and for your marriage.

When you are praying and seeking God and His will first, it also says that you are dependent on Him. Sadly there are people you have decided who and what they want, and then go to God in prayer to get a help from God for what they have decided.


While you are sharing your heart to God in prayer it is also important to tell God what kind of a person you want to spend rest of your life with.

There is nothing wrong in desiring for certain kind of skin colour, height, looks, family, background, spiritual life, financial status, job/ministry/work, and everything you can think of.

The person whom you marry should be a blessing to you, and to the call and purpose God has called and created you to be. Never a hindrance!


There are people who got married to the people of the same kind of faith and yet face great challenges to the point that they have divorced, now imagine the challenges when you marry someone of the different faith.

I agree there might be people in the world who got married to a people of different faith and still seem to be happy, praise God for that. But I strongly believe in such marriage there will be someone who might have been paying a very high price daily to see their marriage live even when they are dying on the inside.

When you marry someone of the same faith, it will be easy for you to trust and hope in God together, and your children will also grow in an undivided fellowship with God.


I have always believed and taught that everyone is a leader, we are called to influence the world around us with the love and power of God. But if you love, or be in a relationship, and marry someone who is not good at managing things, then that person can leave a bad influence on you, your marriage, and to your family.

Laziness and carelessness are not just weaknesses but spirits. I encourage you to be a good steward of the things God has entrusted you with, and find someone who will encourage you to be a better steward and lead you to excellence.


When you see, meet, talk, and know someone is not teachable; and still decides to go ahead and marry that person, very soon you will realize that you have made a mistake.

It is better to marry someone who thinks he/she is weak and is willing to learn to be a better person, than marry someone who thinks and acts as if he is a superman or super woman.

If someone is not teachable before marriage, after marriage there is an almost impossible situation.


I believe as long as we are here in this world, God has designed us to grow, to be fruitful and multiply. Though we have achieved so much, still there is so much more to be achieved.

Wanting to grow, and that too with you, is the sign of love and humility.

There is so much I can tell you, but I think this is good enough to start to pray, prepare, plan and work as you come across proposals.

I pray, may God give you grace and wisdom to make a right decision

Remember: A marriage can make you or break you.

With much love and prayers,

Ps. Jeevan Kumar & Ps. Leena Jeevan

If you have any doubts or want to know more about marriage you can always leave a comment below or mail us at heraldsforjesus@gmail.com

May God bless you

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