Hello dear friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in the grace and mercies of God.

I believe with all my heart that family is one of the greatest blessings God has given to us on the earth, you will not fully know its worth until you lose it, sadly when you realize the importance of the family it could be too late to love, care, show respect, and celebrate them.

No one has come to this world with a lifetime/eternal contract to be here forever, this life here on earth is temporary. You do not have time to hate or be upset, make every day of your life memorable with the love God has poured into your life.

Ask the children who lost their parents, or parents who are living far from their children. While you have your parents with you, your presence with your parents and the way you love and treat them with utmost respect is the ultimate memento of satisfaction.

The bible says children, OBEY your parents in the Lord, for this is RIGHT. Ephesians 6:1

Obeying your parents when they are stronger than you is normal; but obeying your parents when they are physically, spiritually, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and materially weaker than you is the value of the higher moral standard and godly.

As children when you obey your parents remember you are not doing any favour to them, you are only doing what you are meant to do.

Why should you obey your parents?

  1. It is the COMMANDMENT of the Lord.
  2. So that everything might GO WELL with you.
  3. You might have a LONG LIFE here on earth.

One of the key to a blessed and successful life here on earth is that you obey your parents in the Lord.

I have a small piece of advice to all the parents too.

Parenting is a supreme privilege and great blessing God gave us here on earth.

I also think parenting is an art, you need to learn and grow in parenting to be a good godly influence to your children, who will be an influence to the world they would live in. You as a parent have grace to raise next generations’ leaders, history makers, and world changers.

The Bible says, children are the gift from God. The love and respect you have for God is reflected in the way you treat your children. It is impossible for you to love God and not love the gift(s) God gave you.

As a parent, you should be gentle, kind, merciful, gracious, loving, and patient with your children; because that’s how God the Father is with you. Your revelation about God is displayed in the way you treat your children.

One of the things most parents have not understood is the difference between discipline and punishment. I have seen few weak and impatient parents who empty their frustration on their children’s small mistakes.

Imagine what would happen to you if God began to punish you every time you disobey Him, and do not live up to His expectation. You would be dead long back!

The word discipline means to teach and help. Whenever your children messes up, you need to teach them and make them understand what is right and wrong, and make them understand their consequences, and work with them in that particular area until you see them overcome it.

Your children should see God in you. Your children should see you and fall in love with the God you believe, worship, and serve; else your children will grow up hating God because of you.

I pray, may God give you grace to be a good godly parent to your children, and grace to be a good godly child to your parents in Jesus name. Amen

With much love and blessings,

Ps. Jeevan & Ps. Leena Jeevan

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God bless you

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